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MRS 2023

                              14th Annual Maritime Risk Symposium Nov 14-16
       “Managing Offshore Energy Infrastructure Impacts to the Maritime Transportation System (MTS)”

The 2023 Maritime Risk Symposium (MRS), hosted by Maritime College, State University of New York  at the Maritime Academic Center, November 14-16, 2022. MRS 2023 will be held as an in-person event.

Maritime College, State University of New York in collaboration with the United States Coast Guard, National Academy of Sciences, academic institutions, industry partners, and Federal, State, and local agencies, will host the 14th  Annual Maritime Risk Symposium (MRS 2023). The event will be held on November 14-16, 2023 at New York Maritime College located in the Bronx New York. Maritime College is one of six state Maritime Academies


This international event has previously focused on various elements of risk including choke points, maritime cyber security and resilience. MRS 2023 will bring together academics, government, and commercial entities to discuss the emerging Offshore Energy industry and its threats, challenges, and risks to the Maritime Transportation System with a focus on the articulation of current and future marine transportation challenges and threats, the symposium will help frame issues that impact the implementation and operationalization of a sound marine transportation strategy. The symposium will assess threats and recent advancements in research to inspire ideas for innovative research that will help define offshore energy infrastructure safe working parameters to the maritime transportation system.

Why is this issue important? The idea of assessing and quantifying massive offshore energy infrastructure the various threat vectors associated  is an issue that has come front and center since the horrific attack of 9/11. State and Non-State Actors understand the vulnerabilities within a global system that moves trillions of dollars of goods annually. Complicating this issue are growing threats to the system’s cyber components, the dawn of autonomous shipping. Electric navigation, advances in fuel systems and the continued automation of the nation’s ports. MRS2023 takes a more strategic and wholestic view.

Superstorm Sandy paralyzed New York and again it was the Marine Transportaiton System that answered the call delivering needed supplies when shoreside transportation was shut down by the devastating storm.   For months folllowing Superstorm Sandy the Marine Transportation system answered the call playing a major role in debris removal and infrastructure redevelopment  The MTS meets or nations needs in peace and in times of peril.  The Marine Transportation Sytem requires safe and sound policies regarding navigation safety, technology, maintained, subsea and surface quality standards and assurances, offshore energy and cyber risk port state control, and port infrastructure risk, and much more.   

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