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W. Scott Brotemarkle
Program Director and Marine Board of the Transportation Research Board
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

Mr. Brotemarkle serves as Program Director of the Marine Board of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, which operates within Transportation Research Board. Formed in 1965, the Marine Board is an internationally recognized source of expertise on maritime transportation, and marine engineering and technology. The Marine Board identifies research needs and provides a forum for exchange of information relating to new technologies, laws and regulations, economics, the environment, and other issues affecting the marine transportation system, port operations, coastal engineering, and marine governance.


In addition, Mr. Brotemarkle serves as TRBís Senior Program Officer for Marine Transportation and Intermodal Freight. In this role, he is responsible for facilitating TRBís marine transportation and intermodal freight activities providing professional support to TRB committees covering inland waterway transport, ports and channels, marine environment, marine safety and human factors, ferry operations, and intermodal freight transportation.  Prior to joining TRB staff, Mr. Brotemarkle served as Director of Transportation Policy and Program Development at the American Association of Port Authorities, where he had held various positions engaging seaport and marine transportation issues since 1997.  Mr. Brotemarkle holds a Masterís degree in Transportation Policy, Operations and Logistics from George Mason University and Bachelorís Degree in History from Virginia Tech.

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