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LinkedIn: Maritime Risk Symposium 2024

  • Maritime Transportation, Monterey California, 710 followers

  • The 2024 Maritime Risk Symposium is scheduled for 11-13 June 2024 at Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)  in Monterey California


Event Announcement:  Maritime Risk Symposium (MRS2024)

  • Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), March 2024

  • Our shared goal: Building unity of purpose to achieve unity of effort.

Maritime Risk Symposium 2024 – Great Power Competition and Gray Zone Engagement

  • By Dr. Joe DiRenzo, CAPT USCG (Ret.) and Dr. Don Brutzman, LCDR USN (Ret.)

  • Maritime News, 17 April 2024

  • For 15 years the Maritime Risk Symposium (MRS), an annual three-day event, has brought together government and maritime industry leaders, port representatives, international and domestic researchers and solution providers to examine current and emerging threats to maritime security.

  • World events highlight that maritime security is increasingly at risk during the current period of great-power competition and ongoing conflicts. The active competition between nations who are not at war but also not fully at peace is called the “gray zone.” Hostile gray-zone actions of international adversaries present growing dangers to freedom of navigation, the maritime global commons, and world trade.

Panel 3: U.S. National Maritime Strategy in the Spotlight @ MRS2024

  • By Jon Kaskin, CAPT USNR (Ret.), Member, Marine Board

  • Marine Link, 15 May 2024

  • This panel will inform participants and generate discussion regarding the forthcoming National Maritime Strategy (NMS).  

  • Congress originally mandated that the NMS be developed in 2014 to determine what regulations and policies reduced the competitiveness of U.S.-flag shipping in international trade and to make recommendations that would increase competitiveness, increase the use of short sea shipping, and enhance U.S. shipbuilding capability.  This was the first time since the Commission on Merchant Marine and Defense issued its final report in 1989 that a revised NMS was called for.  For various reasons, the Administrations since then have failed to issue a Strategy that meets Congressional requirements.

Panel 4: Adversarial Seas: AI and the Evolving Cyber Threat in Maritime

  • Scott Blough and Taylor Romero

  • Marine Link, 7 May 2024

  • The maritime transportation system, the lifeblood of global trade, is undergoing a digital revolution. 

  • Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming how ships operate and cargo moves. However, this increased reliance on technology creates a double-edged sword: while AI offers powerful tools for cybersecurity, it also presents new vulnerabilities to exploit. This article explores the growing threat of adversarial AI (AAI) in maritime cyber security and how the industry can navigate these challenging waters.


Panel 5: Identifying Risk, Measuring Success in the "Gray Zone

  • Eric "Coop" Cooper, CAPT USCG (Ret.)

  • Maritime Logistics Professional, 17 April 2024

  • This panel will inform participants and generate discussion to improve understanding of the risk of gray zone activities pose to the economy, international relationships, security, and global balance of power. 

  • A gray zone is “an operational space between peace and war, involving coercive actions to change the status quo below a threshold that, in most cases, would prompt a conventional military response, often blurring the line between military and nonmilitary actions and the attribution of events.”

Panel 6: Multi-Service and Maritime Industry Collaboration in the Arctic

  • Matthew T. Bell, Jr., RADM USCG (Ret.)

  • Maritime Logistics Professional, 2 May 2024

  • Better understanding how the changing dynamics in the Arctic region will necessitate increased collaboration between the maritime services and industry to mitigate the risks of Arctic maritime operations.

  • U.S. Coast Guard, Marine Exchange Alaska, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s Alaska Region, and TOTE Maritime Alaska panelists will examine current and emerging Arctic maritime threats. They will discuss how the sea services and maritime industry can best collaborate to mitigate risks associated with conducting operations in a dynamic and pristine Arctic.

Prior releases:  Maritime Risk Symposium News

  • Maritime Logistics Professional, 2020-2024

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