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Tri-Service Maritime Strategy (TSMS)

Advantage at Sea:  Prevailing with Integrated All-Domain Naval Power

  • Department of Defense, December 2020.  Signed by

    • Honorable Kenneth J. Braithwaite, Secretary of the Navy;

    • General David H. Berger USMC, Commandant of the Marine Corps

    • Admiral Michael M. Gilday USN, Chief of Naval Operations

    • Admiral Karl L. Schultz USCG, Commandant of the Coast Guard

  • The United States is a maritime nation. Our security and prosperity depend on the seas.

  • The Naval Service—forward deployed and capable of both rapid response and sustained operations globally—remains America’s most persistent and versatile instrument of military influence. Integrated All-Domain Naval Power, leveraging the complementary authorities and capabilities of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, advances the prosperity, security, and promise of a free and open, rules-based order.

  • “We are at an inflection point,” the chiefs of the three services say in a foreword to the strategy. “Our actions in this decade will shape the maritime balance of power for the rest of this century.”

The Tri-Service Maritime Strategy -- Seapower Conversations
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SEAPOWER CONVERSATION: NPS Hosts Discussion with Tri-Service Maritime Strategy Authors


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