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Related References

Here is some reading directly relevant to Maritime Risk Symposium. We hope these articles help to give you additional information.

Issues in Maritime Cyber Security

Edited by Joseph DiRenzo III, Nicole K. Drumhiller, and Fred S. Roberts

Westphalia Press, Policy Studies Organization, Washington DC, 2017

The world relies on maritime commerce to move exceptionally large portions of goods, services, and people. Collectively this effort comprises the Maritime Transportation System or MTS. A major component of this daunting multifaceted enterprise are cyber networks, and the infrastructure they control. From the complex programs managing the loading and unloading of containers to waiting trucks, to the global navigation systems onboard vessels, to the hydraulic valves designed to protect spills into waterways that are located and controlled by cyber systems within chemical, water/wastewater, or petroleum plants, the MTS is becoming increasingly automated. (Read More)

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