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USCG Evergreen

The Evergreen Program is the Coast Guard’s Strategic Foresight Initiative, tasked with looking over the horizon to inform current planning and better prepare the U.S. Coast Guard for an uncertain and unpredictable future. Using scenario-based exercises and workshops involving a diverse group of stakeholders, common strategic needs or key success factors can be identified across multiple plausible scenarios to better inform long-term strategic planning efforts.

Evergreen is a joint venture that combines strategy and foresight with the greater maritime community of seasoned industry professionals, academic centers and national labs, maritime students, and government/NGO regulatory bodies. Typically, participants examine possible future scenarios and identify tomorrow's maritime infrastructure vulnerabilities and their implications to prosperity and security. The teams are a balance of diversity of experience, combining students and professionals in an interactive workshop designed to drive multi-disciplinary perspectives and strategic thinking. 


For information regarding Evergreen and future workshops, please contact Zachary Schulman at   

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