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Panelist Presentation
(Not all presenters had Power Points)

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Panel 1: Calculating Offshore Energy Risks

              Facilitator: Eric (Coop) Cooper, Rand

Craig Conklin, CISA, Associate Director for Infrastructure Assessment & Analysis 

Paul Hobart – Assistant Director, Homeland Security and Justice

Buckley McAllister, President McAllister Towing

CAPT Schultz – Chief of Prevention, First CG District

Panel 2: Maritime Autonomy: The Future is Technology

              Facilitator: RADM R. Timme, USCG (Ret)

CAPT Dan Cost, P.E. - Chief, Office of Design and Engineering Standards

Dr. Don Brutzman, Ethical Control of Autonomous Systems, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)

Donald Scott – Director of Engineering, Submergence Group

Justin Davis - Head of Strategy, Saronic

Panel 3 Subsea Infrastructure Quality Standards and Assurance

              Facilitator: Dr. I.J. Arora

Dr. Ronald Rapp - Director, Industry & Marine Liasion SubComm

Kent Bressie - Partner HWG LLP - International Cable Protection Committee

William "Bill" Bennett III BLANKROME

Nate McKenzie - Technology development lead for OSW - DOE

Panel 4: Offshore Energy and Cyber Risk

              Facilitator: Scott Blough, Mandiant

Andre Murphy, Crowdsrike

Dr. Kevin Jones, Professor University of Plymouth

Dr. Ken Christopher, Professor National University 

Ian McCalder, Radio Communication Project Specialist - Ørsted

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Panel 5: Offshore Energy Port Infrastructure Risk

              Facilitator: Scott Brotemarkle, National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, TRB Marine Boasrd

Craig Reid - DNV - Vice President Marine Assurances & Advisory, North America

Mike Taylor - Equinor, Head of Ports U.S. Renewables

John Witte, Donjon Marine, President

Captain Andrew McGovern - New Jersey Sandy Hook Pilots

Panel 6: The Busy Ocean

              Facilitator: Dr. Tiffany Smythe, USCGA & Stephen Lyman, Maritime Association Port of NY/NJ

Karen Baker, BOEM - SES, Chief Renewable Energy Programs (OREP)

Reinhard W. Koenig - PE,SES, USACE Programs Director NAD

Susan Tuxbury - NOAA Fisheries GARFO

Mike Emerson - SES, USCG, Director of the U.S. Maritime Transportation System

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